Experience a unique bird’s eye view of NYC

Try one of NYC’s newest attractions with our soaring flight simulator ride! See one year of New York all in one day with our new immersive experience. 

Rise takes you flying above the New York skyline. Ride with us in 4D with wind, mist and scents to transport you into the atmosphere above New York!

Taking you from Times Square to soaring 30 feet above the skyscrapers, our NYC flight simulator will be a hit with the entire family - especially if you’re visiting our city on a rainy day!

Wondering what to do near Times Square? Wonder no more! Take a flying trip across the city’s skyline and enjoy NYC’s best new immersive experience. 

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Four dangling pairs of feet can be seen from the Rise NY immersive experience ride behind a simulated view of New York City in the RiseNY tourist attraction.

The Ride - New York Sightseeing From Above

The silhouette of a person can be seen sitting in the Rise NY ride from which they can see a film simulation showing a Staten Island Ferry heading towards New York City.

A Brilliant Virtual Reality Experience near NYC’s Times Square

The first of its kind in Manhattan, our virtual reality NYC experience Rise is a ride to remember! If you’re looking to go sightseeing in NYC but want to see as much as possible, try our amazing VR experience of NYC. 

Take a seat on our fantastic immersive VR ride set in a 180-degree, 40-foot projection dome. Go soaring over 1950s New York and see 8K aerial footage of the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park and more iconic landmarks in NYC!

With mist, wind and scents, you’ll get a 4D experience of New York from a whole new angle. Try the newest immersive exhibit in NYC and see famous New York buildings from a truly unique perspective!

A New Hidden Gem in Times Square

Our new tourist attraction in Times Square brings the best experiences of New York City to you! Travel through time and space with our amazing 4D ride Rise, covering a year of celebrations in our glorious town!

Our flying VR ride gives you a taste of some of the classic NYC experiences, such as the 4th of July Fireworks on the East River and the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square, from a bird’s eye view. See the Grand Central Terminal from above and float across the Yankee Stadium, the New York Harbor and more!

This new attraction in NYC is perfect for those rainy-weather days if you’re looking for things to do near Times Square. Get the New York experience without having to explore the whole of Manhattan.

Visit us now and enjoy an unforgettable journey through our wonderful city.

A row of people’s legs can be seen from the Rise NY ride in Times Square, where they look like they are flying over Central Park in New York from above in a simulated virtual reality experience.

What's Included in your Rise NY Ticket

Learn about NYC’s history through our immersive film, narrated by Jeff Goldblum and projected in our replica City Hall subway station. 

Explore 7 museum-style galleries covering NYC’s important history, including Finance, Skyline, TV/Radio, Fashion, Music, Broadway and Film.

Experience a Soaring Virtual Ride across New York

Soar 30 feet above New York’s skyline in a simulated VR ride, complete with 4D effects for a “real” flying experience.

What is the Rise at RiseNY like?

Rise at RiseNY is an immersive experience. It’s set in a 180-degree, 40-foot projection dome, with visitors seated securely before being lifted 30 feet. The ride uses 8K aerial footage of New York, mists, scent and “wind” to help you feel as though you’re really flying over the New York skyline! Please note: there are no VR headsets on this ride.

How does the ride at RiseNY work?

You and the other visitors enter into a 180-degree, 40-foot projection dome, with visitors seated securely before being lifted 30 feet. You’ll then see 8k aerial footage of New York projected onto this dome, with mists, “wind” and scents to help you feel immersed in the projection.

Is the ride at RiseNY scary?

The ride at RiseNY is not scary, though if you have a fear of heights or vertigo, be advised that the ride does involve being securely lifted 30 feet into the air. The projection will also give the appearance of being above skyscraper level, which may be uncomfortable for those with a fear of heights. 

You do not have to do the ride at RiseNy if you feel uncomfortable on the day - just let one of our staff know.

Is the ride at RiseNY suitable for children?

Yes, the ride at RiseNY is suitable and safe for children! You’re safely strapped into our ride at all times. However, little ones who are afraid of heights might find this ride scary.

If I’m from New York, will I still enjoy this ride?

If you’re from New York, you won’t have seen the city from this angle before! Float at cloud level and get a bird’s eye view of NYC on our ride. 

How to experience virtual reality in NYC with RiseNY?

This new attraction in Times Square gives you a virtual reality experience in New York like no other! Soar above the NYC skyline in our 180 degree, 40 foot projection dome and see a year in New York from above the skyscrapers!