A New Interactive Museum in Times Square

Got limited time in the Big Apple? Get the most for your money with one of the best interactive museums in NYC!

Enjoy exhibits from some of the best New York museums all in one place. RiseNY has seven interactive galleries to explore with amazing historical artifacts and memorabilia from the entire history of New York! 

We’ve partnered with leading NYC museums, figures and organizations to bring you one-of-a-kind items from this city’s amazing history. From costumes to props to musical instruments, there's an artifact to wow every member of the family!

You can enjoy: 

  • Fashion
  • Broadway
  • Wall Street Finance
  • New York Skyline
  • TV & Radio
  • Film
  • Music

Explore one of the best immersive experiences in NYC in our interactive museum. Take pictures with your favorite pieces and bring the magic of NYC home to cherish.

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The entrance to the NYC interactive museum and tourist attraction RiseNY is shown, with large red lettering saying ‘RiseNY’ along with a torch from the Statue of Liberty .

7 Exhibits Exploring Times Square History

Four people are shown in the Rise NY interactive museum, admiring dresses in the fashion exhibit, where three different dresses are displayed.

New York Fashion History

Immerse yourself in New York's style legacy at Rise NY's fashion exhibit, with amazing contributions from the fashion Museum at the FIT. 

Explore iconic looks and discover how the city's fashion scene changed the global industry forever in our stunning fashion history museum near Times Square. A captivating experience for fashion enthusiasts in the heart of NYC, you’ll learn how our trend-setting capital has transformed design.

Start with 1880s ball gown masterpieces and travel through time to the present day. See Halston’s 1970s disco pieces, Supreme’s 90s skatewear, and Beyoncé’s Y2K fashion all the way to Gucci’s ultra-modern streetwear and more. 

History of Broadway Musicals

Learn about the magical history of Broadway musicals in our immersive museum exhibit. 

From Barbra Streisand’s immortal Ziegfield Follies costume from the musical Funny Girl to Roxie’s outfit from Chicago, there’s glitzy Broadway memorabilia to wow every visitor. 

Get the insider scoop on the glamor of the theater with insights from Broadway director and choreographer Kathleen Marshall. Explore behind the scenes musicals like Hamilton, the Lion King, Wicked and more!

Five outfits from the Broadway theater show Hamilton are shown on mannequins in the Rise NY Broadway musical museum exhibit.
A replica of the New York Stock Exchange is shown, including the gold bell, along with a United States flag in the RiseNY finance exhibit in the interactive museum.

The History of Wall Street & American Finance

Explore Wall Street history in our immersive exhibit near Times Square, created in partnership with the Museum of American Finance. 

Our Wall Street attraction takes visitors from the 1600s to the present day with artifacts that bring NYC’s history to life. See a check signed by Alexander Hamilton himself and understand how NYC grew from a trade route to the world’s most significant financial city.

The History of the NYC Skyline

Want to see all the landmarks of NYC from a new perspective? Visit our amazing interactive exhibit on the NYC skyline and see all of New York’s famous buildings from a new, unique angle!

Be amazed at scale models of all of the most famous building attractions in New York, such as the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and more! Curated in partnership with The Skyscraper Museum, you’ll learn about the history of the buildings that make up that famous NYC skyline. 

Want an even more unique perspective? Where else can you see the NYC skyline in dazzling detail from above but with our one-of-a-kind 4D flying ride! 

See the best view of the NYC skyline with our immersive 4D ride, taking you soaring 30 feet above the landmarks of NYC.

Replica models of famous New York City landmarks are seen in the RiseNY museum exhibit of the NYC skyline.
A replica of a US talk show is shown in the RiseNY interactive museum, with couch, desk and a backdrop of the NYC skyline.

New York TV and Radio History

Journey through the history of TV and Radio and see the New York City we all love from sound and screen. 

Beloved the world over, the Big Apple has featured in thousands of television shows and radio serials. See iconic artifacts from Friends, Seinfeld, Sesame Street, Sex and City, Saturday Night Live and more! 

Learn how media was changed forever by the invention of the Tesla Coil, right here in New York City. See how TV and radio have been forever entwined in the history and culture of NYC with our interactive exhibit. 

With insights from David Bushman, Television and Mass Media Curator for The Paley Center and with input from the Museum of Broadcast Communications, this is an unmissable TV museum in NYC.

Film History of NYC

Created in partnership with the Tribeca Film Festival, our film museum in New York explores the impact of our wonderful city on the world of cinema. 

Watch clips from more than 50 classic and contemporary films set in New York and see how the city’s stunning setting has helped to influence filmmaking over the decades. Our film exhibit of NYC also includes revolutionary technology that made film possible. Discover Edison’s kinetoscope and more when you visit our museum of New York film today!

A museum exhibit in RiseNY shows a large physical camera roll wrapped around the room in the film gallery. A scene of Anne Hathaway from the film The Devil Wears Prada is shown on screen.
An exhibit featuring the Beatles is shown at RiseNY, of the Beatles on the set of The Ed Sullivan Show. A white suit is seen on a mannequin along with a drum set with The Beatles branding.

The History of NYC Music

Our music museum exhibits explore the incredible musical history of New York from the 1900s to present day.

From the piano chords of Manhattan’s Tin Pan Alley to the beats of hip hop legends Notorious B.I.G. and the Beastie Boys, our musical museum near Times Square showcases how New York became America’s music publishing epicenter. 

Listen to the sounds that shaped modern music and see artifacts that bring musical history to life. From the Beatles’ drumhead to Bob Dylan’s acoustic guitar and Cardi B’s bodysuit, you’ll find costumes, instruments and more that have changed the musical world forever.

What's Included in your Rise NY Ticket

Learn about NYC’s history through our immersive film, narrated by Jeff Goldblum and projected in our replica City Hall subway station. 

See 7 Museum Exhibits with Unique Memorabilia

Explore 7 museum-style galleries covering NYC’s important history, including Finance, Skyline, TV/Radio, Fashion, Music, Broadway and Film.

Soar 30 feet above New York’s skyline in a simulated VR ride, complete with 4D effects for a “real” flying experience.

What is an Interactive museum?

An interactive museum includes gallery exhibits that allow you to experience artifacts and historical items through touch and sound. We use technology to help visitors to touch, explore and participate in exhibits for an enhanced museum journey. 

What’s the difference between an immersive and interactive museum?

An immersive museum experience allows you to explore the contents in a way that feels like you were really there. For example, our soaring ride allows you to feel like you’re really flying across 1950s New York! An interactive museum enables you to explore, touch and use items on display, rather than just viewing them from behind glass.

What museums are in NYC?

There are many wonderful museums in NYC, including the Skyscraper Museum, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and more. At RiseNY, you can see the best of several museums in one place, with seven exhibition galleries with contributions from some of New York’s leading museums, festivals and experts.

How long do I have in the museum?

You can take as long as you’d like exploring our museum exhibits, though usually a visit to RiseNY takes about 60 to 90 minutes in total. RiseNY is open from 10am to 8pm from Monday until Sunday, and you will be assigned an allotted time slot for entering the museum.

Is the RiseNY museum open late?

The RiseNY museum is open from 10am to 8pm every day (with the exception of holiday days, where opening hours may change). If you’re visiting Times Square and would like somewhere to explore later in the day, our three-for-one experience is open late with plenty of time to visit. 

Can I take pictures with the museum exhibits?

You are welcome to take photos when you’re exploring our museum exhibitions. 

Are the museum exhibits appropriate for children?

All of our museum exhibits are appropriate for children - in fact, they aim to encourage interest and exploration for people of younger ages! We hope to instill excitement for the history of New York City and Times Square through our interactive exhibits.

If I’m from New York, will I still enjoy RiseNY?

Even if you think you know New York, you’re bound to learn something new from our museum exhibits! We’ve got memorabilia, costumes, instruments, film clips and more that capture the history of New York in ways you’ve never seen before. Come visit us, even if you feel you’re a New Yorker at heart!