See Taylor Swift’s Dress at RiseNY’s museum exhibit & explore the Eras of New York!

July 10, 2024

If you’re the biggest Swiftie out there, you need to see Taylor Swift’s dress at our Fashion gallery at RiseNY!

Whether you just missed out on her amazing Eras tour or simply want to relive the experience, come to our interactive museum in New York and see a piece of Swiftie history up close!

Is there a Taylor Swift museum in NY? 

While there isn't a dedicated Taylor Swift museum in New York, The Museum of Art and Design previously had a dedicated Taylor Swift experience from May 2023, however this is now closed as of March 2024

Wondering what museum has Taylor Swift’s outfits? At RiseNY, we currently have one of Taylor’s iconic dresses on display, ready for you to take pictures with! Taylor’s stunning dress is part of our interactive fashion exhibit in New York, located moments away from Times Square. 

Come and see a key part of musical history nestled among our other amazing fashion and cultural memorabilia, from Halston’s 1970s disco pieces, to Supreme’s 90s skatewear and Beyoncé’s Y2K fashion.

RiseNY: A Must-Visit Immersive Attraction in NYC

If you’re a true Swiftie, then you’ll know she captured the spirit of our city in her classic song, “Welcome to New York”. That’s why it’s part of our immersive ride experience at RiseNY!

Taylor wrote that New York, like any great love, keeps you guessing - and it’s ever-changing. You can see that for yourself on our immersive virtual simulation ride that takes you flying through the city’s iconic skyline in 4D. Set to Taylor’s brilliant song and more, you’ll see a year in New York unfold from 30 feet above the ground, with wind, mist and scents to set the scene.

You’ll even see iconic New York moments, all year round, such as Macy’s 4th of July fireworks and the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square.

Welcome to New York: Explore the Eras of NYC with RiseNY

Taylor Swift's Dress at Rise NY

What Taylor Swift experience in NYC would be complete without showing the eras of the city she calls home? The singer has chosen to live in our wonderful city for the last decade, but you can see how the city has grown and changed in our short documentary tracing the eras of New York from 1904 to now

We’ve also captured the ever-evolving aspects of the city in our seven interactive gallery exhibits, featuring artifacts from classic NYC history. Explore recognizable memorabilia from fashion, Broadway, TV & radio, film and music - and see the Taylor Swift dress in our fashion gallery while you walk the red carpet yourself! It’s a unique way to see the different periods of the city’s history and learn more about what makes New York, New York!

How to have the ultimate Taylor Swift trip to NYC

Looking to theme your entire New York City trip around your Swiftie obsession? Look no further than our suggested hotspots below for the real Taylor Swift experience in NYC!

Visit Coney Island

“And I'm sitting on a bench in Coney Island wondering where did my baby go? The fast times, the bright lights, the merry go…”

See Taylor Swift’s lyrics come to life by visiting Coney Island! This famous entertainment spot in New York offers a scenic beach and boardwalk, with not one, but two theme parks! 

Coney Island

See Cornelia Street

What Taylor Swift-themed trip to NYC would be complete without a visit to the iconic Cornelia Street? See Taylor’s former home at 23 Cornelia Street and wander round the West Village to get a feel for this era in the singer’s life. It’s also close to Electric Lady Studios, where Taylor has recorded her music for a number of years. 

Electric Lady Studios

Tour Tribeca 

Not only is the Tribeca area where Taylor currently calls home, but she’s also been involved in our famed Tribeca Film Festival. She showed her directorial debut short film, All Too Well, during the festival in 2022. Visit the neighborhood she frequents and feel creatively inspired! 

You can also learn more about the Tribeca Film Festival at RiseNY! The Festival is our partner for our Film gallery, where you can see historic technology used in cinema and clips from over 50 classic and contemporary movies, all filmed or set in NYC.

Get a Free Tour of NYU

Did you know that New York University’s campus tours aren’t just for students? See the campus for the university that awarded Taylor an honorary doctorate in Fine Arts and sit with the current students in Washington Square Park.

NYU Campus

Visit RiseNY to see Taylor Swift’s Dress in our NYC exhibit

Of course, you need to visit our fashion & music galleries at RiseNY in NYC! Perfect for Taylor Swift fans who want to learn more about New York, it’s a great way to start your Swiftie-themed Big Apple trip! See why the singer fell in love with New York by understanding just what makes our city so great - from its amazing history, its influence on global culture, its appearances in film, TV, radio and more!

Don’t miss out on a chance to see Taylor Swift’s dress in person. Buy your tickets for RiseNY today.