Fun & Unique Date Ideas in Times Square

October 26, 2023

Looking for some fun date ideas in New York?

Why don’t you give the below date suggestions a try?

New York City is a truly romantic city, with its magnificent skyline, parks, and amazing restaurants. Date nights will never be boring when you’re in New York - but if you’re visiting for a short while or if you think you’ve done everything, you might need some help coming up with new date ideas. 

Don’t worry - even if it’s a rainy day in New York, you’ll be able to find a rainy day date idea with our suggestions below. It’s the city that never sleeps, after all - and it only gets more romantic when the weather’s moody!

Our top choice: RiseNY! 

Our amazing new attraction near Times Square is a great date idea, whether you’re new to the city or have lived here for years. Travel back in time with a Jeff Goldblum-narrated documentary on NYC, explore memorabilia and artifacts from NYC’s history in our interactive museum and soar 30ft over the New York skyline on our 4D immersive ride! Find tickets for RiseNY here.

What to do in Times Square for a date?

In the center of New York’s bustling theater district and moments from museums, restaurants and more, Times Square is a surprisingly great place for a date. If anything, there might be too many options to choose from!

Best date Ideas in Times Square

Some of the best date ideas in New York City are based around Times Square. From world-leading comedy clubs like Gotham Comedy Club to amazing restaurants like the historical Gallagher’s Steak House, there’s plenty to see, do, and eat!

What attractions are within walking distance from Times Square?

There are so many attractions near Times Square that would make for great date ideas in New York. Music fans can enjoy performances in Radio City Music Hall, the Birdland Jazz Club and many more great locations.

Even a short walk away, there’s some amazingly fun date ideas for New York residents or visitors. You could visit the Top of the Rock observation deck at Rockefeller Center, for example. There’s even options for great winter date ideas in NYC - why not go for a stroll round Bryant Park’s free winter wonderland experience and do some ice skating in the middle of midtown? 

 Is Times Square better day or night for a date?

Honestly, Times Square is great day or night for a date. It all depends on what you want to do! For example, if you’re looking for an exciting day out with exploration around some of the most intriguing or famous architecture of the city, Times Square is near to many great locations like Grand Central Station and the Empire State Building with great restaurants serving brunch and traditional NYC street food.

However, if you’re looking for more of a cultural evening out, you can always visit Broadway and the theater district for an evening show. With fine dining right around the corner, you can have a great time out in Times Square in the evening. 

Museum Date Ideas in New York 

Why not try a museum date idea next time you’re planning an outing with your loved one? 

Is a museum a good first date?

A museum is a great first date idea! It helps you to get to know your date’s tastes and preferences in more depth. For example, do they like history, or are they more interested in anthropology? Do they know any cool facts or stories around the topic of the museum? 

Is a museum date romantic?

A museum date is very romantic! It’s the perfect place to go before a nice dinner experience, or for a more relaxed afternoon trip out.  Museums are often beautifully lit and designed, with a quiet atmosphere that make them the ideal setting for getting to know someone. 

What museums are in Times Square?

There’s Madame Tussaud’s New York and the Museum of Broadway, or alternatively, you can see plenty of interactive museum exhibits at RiseNY! We have exhibits with input from some of New York City’s greatest museums, including the American Finance Museum, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and more! Not sure what an interactive museum is? Read our guide on immersive experiences here!

Featured fashion exhibit at RiseNY interactive museum showing Designer Items

Art Gallery Dates for Couples

Wandering through an art gallery, talking about the pieces on display and marveling at the artists’ skill is a fantastic way to spend a day with someone you love (or like a whole lot!). It’s also a great indoor date idea, particularly when the weather’s not ideal.

How many art galleries are there in New York?

There are about 1,400 art galleries in the Big Apple - meaning there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t try this fun date idea in New York! Even if you’ve lived in the city for decades, there’s always going to be another art gallery you’ve not visited.

What art galleries are in Times Square?

While there are no art galleries specifically located in Times Square, it’s an excellent starting point for a date because there are so many nearby! Within a 30 minute walk, you can find plenty of options. For example, you could visit the 212 Arts Gallery displaying urban contemporary art, or take a quick journey to Chelsea with its numerous New York fine art galleries like the Gladstone Gallery or the Taglialatella Gallery.

What to do on a gallery date?

Some great art gallery date ideas include guessing your date’s favorite piece, finding the weirdest piece of art on display, or explaining why you love or hate particular pieces. It’s an excellent way to see if you share similar views to your date and understand their taste better.

Theater Dates in New York 

Theater trips make for great rainy day date ideas in New York. Be transported to a different world with magical scenes and spellbinding soundtracks, all moments away from Times Square. 

Which theaters are in Times Square?

There are countless theaters in Times Square, as it’s right near the famous Broadway theater district. Choose from the Lunt-Fontanne Theater, the New Amsterdam Theater, the Lyric Theater, the Hudson Theater, the Stephen Sondheim Theater and many more! 

Why are theater trips a great date idea?

Theater trips are a great idea, not just because they give you something to talk about, but because they’re great opportunities for taking pictures! 

For example, you can see amazing Broadway show exhibits at RiseNY, with memorabilia from Hamilton and other leading shows from the present day to way back when! 

Why not take your loved one to a show and visit RiseNY to find out more from behind the scenes? 

Outfits from the Broadway musical Hamilton on display in RiseNY museum in Times Square

Restaurants for Dates in Times Square

It’s no secret that some of the best restaurants are in Times Square and the surrounding area. 

What kind of restaurant is good for a date?

Restaurants that are good for a date are usually quiet enough so that you can hear your date talking, but lively enough that there’s a good atmosphere. 

It’s always great when you can combine dining and an experience to give you something to talk about - there’s a reason why there are so many places to dine and listen to music in New York! 

New York restaurants for date night 

Some of the must eat restaurants in Times Square include brilliant Italian fare. Carmine’s Italian Restaurant and Tony’s Di Napoli are two famous examples, or take a stroll down Restaurant Row just a block away on West 46th Street!

However, there’s also sushi restaurant Blue Fin, Mexican restaurant Dos Caminos, or Michelin-starred French restaurant Le Barnardin if you fancy something a little more cosmopolitan.

Dates at RiseNY, our Immersive Experience in Times Square

No matter whether you’ve been together 5 days or 5 years, you’re bound to have a memorable date at RiseNY

Visiting RiseNY on a date

Learn whether you and your date have got what it takes to host a radio show and brave flying 30ft over the New York City skyline. Discover the secrets behind New York’s history together on an unforgettable whirlwind tour of the Big Apple’s history.      

What is RiseNY and why is a great date location? 

RiseNY is an immersive museum attraction with three amazing experiences for the price of one. 

With your date, you can journey through NYC history in a replica of the first ever NY subway station. Watch a Jeff Goldblum-narrated film exploring the history of the city from its roots right the way through to modern day.

Next, take your date through our interactive museum exhibits showcasing memorabilia and artifacts from seven different aspects of NYC history, including Film, Radio, Finance, Broadway and more!

Finally, hold hands with your date on our spectacular 4D ride, taking you flying above the city’s skyline through one whole year of NYC festivities.

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