Coney Island

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Coney Island

NYC’s Most Iconic Filming Locations: Coney Island

Narrated by Cara Cusumano, Tribeca Festival Director & VP Programming


It can be easy to forget that New York is a city surrounded by water, but movie lovers have been constantly reminded of that, with several films featuring one of the city’s most beloved seaside locations, Coney Island. Some of the earliest silent films, such as Buster Keaton and Fatty Arbuckle’s Coney Island and Clara Bow's It were filmed here when it was a fantasy playground for guests from near and far. Over the years, as the ways in which the beach has served city residents has also changed, Coney Island’s meaning as a setting for narrative has also shifted. Whether featured in coming-of-age films such as Little Fugitive and The Warriors, comedies like Annie Hall, or dramas such as Sinner’s Holiday, The Super Cops, He Got Game, Brooklyn, and Requiem for a Dream, Coney Island added a sense of drama to movies over the decades. The location is also known to action fans, as it served as a location in Spider-Man: Homecoming, bringing the scenery of Coney Island to a wide range of film lovers generation after generation.