Bull and Bear

 Audio Guide

Bull and Bear Statue

Narrated by David J Cowen, President & CEO for the Museum of American Finance


This bronze sculpture brings the idea of “bull” and “bear” markets to life for viewers. Sculpted by Isidore Jules Bonheur in 1900, the statue serves as a symbol of the cycles experienced by stock markets, as the bear indicates the declining markets, while the bull refers to rising markets Given that a bear swipes its paws down to attack while a bull raises its horns up to charge, many believe that is how the nickname started. The sculpture stood outside the famed New York Stock Exchange’s Luncheon Club entrance from 1924, and during its eighty-two years in this location, passing traders would rub the bull’s horn for good luck, so many times in fact that the tip of the bull horn in this sculpture has lost its bronze patina. You too may want to rub its horns for good luck.