Brooklyn Bridge

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Brooklyn Bridge

NYC’s Most Iconic Filming Locations: Brooklyn Bridge

Narrated by Cara Cusumano, Tribeca Festival Director & VP Programming


Visitors to New York City, in large part, envision Brooklyn Bridge as a must-see location on any sightseeing tour, and this is due in large part to its impact as a sweeping scenic backdrop for filmmakers over the years. The Brooklyn Bridge has always held a romantic place in the minds of New Yorkers, and its place in American pop culture is equally impactful. The 1940s film It Happened in Brooklyn even features a song named after the landmark. The 1970s and 1980s featured dramatic films utilizing views of the bridge to establish a sense of place, from Saturday Night Fever to Moonstruck. More recently, action films like John Wick and I Am Legend have shown the bridge to movie audiences at pivotal moments to raise the stakes for viewers witnessing the bridge as it hangs in the balance between the forces of good and evil.