Bob Dylan Guitar

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Narrated by Joel Peresman, President & CEO of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


The success of The Beatles’ “The White Album'' in 1968 owed a great debt to the band’s growth as songwriters and musicians since their bubblegum pop debut, a trajectory greatly impacted by their friendship with the New York City-based musician named Bob Dylan. During their first US tour in the mid-1960s, John Lennon especially became close to the folk-rock star, learning from Dylan about creating a song as meaningful as it was catchy. In recognition of Dylan’s lasting impact on the group, Lennon bestowed this acoustic guitar, a Gibson J-160e Sunburst, to Dylan late in 1968 as a Christmas gift. Dylan worked with this guitar through the 1970s, writing songs on it and touring with it over the years, while making classic hits such as “Blood on the Tracks.” This cherished guitar remains a symbol of Lennon and Dylan’s connection, demonstrating the legacy of both artists as rock musicians who set a new course in the history of American rock music.